Our project and workforce management support solutions reduce some of the administrative burden from clients.

Our services include:


We can deploy senior management staff to assist with the reception and induction of incoming staff onto new projects. This is sometimes most effective for larger project teams.

Payroll services

Our payroll solution enables staff to receive their salary on time every month in their home countries, either into a bank account of their choosing or for collection by a nominated person.

Travel administration

We can provide assistance with all aspects of travel management including booking flights, organising visas and coordinating schedules and transit.

Medical support and evacuation

We are able to provide specialist qualified medical teams and staff to projects (MIRA, paramedic). We can also provide advice and assistance on medical emergency, medical support in country of employment and casevac.

Welfare management

We provide a support network to our employed staff and their families by way of a permanent point of contact in Sharp BH Global Manning Services as well as via our social media and internet channels.  We provide an in-house lawyer specifically to provide assistance for any instances involving our staff during their employment.