Applicant Services

Permanent and Contract Employment

We provide a wide range of employment opportunities in all sectors around the world including healthcare, facilities management, hospitality, retail, logistics and freight forwarding, security, oil and gas, administration, construction and engineering.

We are passionate about helping to create life changing opportunities for Filipinos and their families.

We operate within the highest ethical and moral standards complying with POEA regulations and international codes of conduct for overseas foreign workers.  This assurance is extended to our candidates via our ‘Welfare Service’ throughout the employment journey.

Our Welfare Service includes the support of a dedicated in-house lawyer who is available to provide assistance to candidates and principals in the event of a legal issue or incident.

We are a no fee charging company – this means no placement or processing fees.

“We care deeply about facilitating opportunities and positive economic impacts for our Filipino candidates. We are motivated by making you successful”

Please register your interest in finding an exciting role or working for us.  Or submit an enquiry via the ‘Contact Us’ page. We look forward to hearing from you.


We run a range of pre-deployment training on an ‘as needed’ basis to suit our clients needs.  In addition we run IELTS review and English language training courses for candidates who may need to pass a specific IELTS or equivalent examination as a prerequisite for employment.

Our IELTS programme is designed to suit applicants of differing abilities. It assesses English language ability at the outset in order to enable applicants to be streamed into bespoke training courses designed to address their specific weaknesses.

Welfare and Re-contracting

We provide a support network to our employed candidates and their families by way of a permanent point of contact in Sharp BH as well as via our social media and internet channels.  We provide an in-house lawyer specifically to provide assistance for any instances involving our candidates during their employment.

Our re-contracting service ensures that we are able to offer new opportunities to our overseas candidates who are coming towards the end of their employment contracts or if they wish to change employment.

UK Nursing Permanent and Contract Employment

We are the only company with the capacity to have a direct relationship in the UK with our clients via our sister company Britannia Healthcare Ltd.  Britannia Healthcare facilitates the connection of Filipino nurses and healthcare workers directly with UK employers and provides support throughout the recruitment process and afterwards. All formal recruitment is managed and handled by Sharp BH Global Manning Services in the Philippines.

Permanent Placement

There is a large shortage of nurses in the UK. We are working with a number of employers to develop recruitment programmes for a range of nursing roles.

Contracting Solutions – UK nursing programme

Our Contract Staffing solution enables us to mobilise nurses to a fill long and short term contract roles in UK hospitals.

How does it work?

Britannia Healthcare develops a working agreement with ‘sponsoring’ hospital clients for the sub contracting of specific roles on a long-term basis (usually 6 months – 24 months).

Nurses are recruited from the Philippines and directly employed by Britannia Healthcare, thereafter they are supplied on a contract basis to UK hospitals.

Britannia Healthcare takes full responsibility for all aspects of HR including salary, mobilisation from the Philippines, administration including visa, accommodation and relevant insurances.  Contracting solutions enable our UK clients to make significant savings by eliminating the high costs of nursing agencies, eliminating recruitment costs and administrative and payroll responsibilities.

Britannia Healthcare works closely with Sharp BH throughout the recruiting, mobilisation and contract process.