Our people make us different – we are committed to supporting our clients and we work as a unified team between our UK and Filipino companies.

We are passionate about making a positive difference to both our clients and candidates.

Respect, integrity, dignity, fairness and family values as well as strong moral and ethical principles are at the core of our culture. We will always do the best for our stakeholders doing the right thing for our clients, applicants, our people and the communities they come from.

Our standards and operating principles reflect our own beliefs and values as well as our clients’ values and the international standards and ethical behaviours for international recruitment of healthcare workers.

We care about our national health service and we are motivated to help it be a success.

We care about matching the best nurses to our clients’ needs.

We care about the nurses we place and where they are employed.

We care about facilitating opportunities and positive economic impacts for Filipinos.

We are aware of the contrasting economic and social circumstances between the countries we recruit from and those we deploy our specialist manpower to. We value the positive impact we are able to generate for our key stakeholders; our clients and our candidates.

These impacts often create a ‘ripple effect’ of economic value which radiates far beyond the immediate benefit realised by our stakeholders.

We recognise the importance and value that overseas work opportunities bring to the Philippines both in term of direct benefits to workers and indirect opportunities this creates for many families and businesses. We are proud to be in a position to make a difference for the better in all the countries we operate; either through enhancing the healthcare infrastructure or by providing economic opportunity.