Our fresh solutions-led approach is aimed at simplifying the recruitment process and providing access to a quality well trained workforce for our international clients.

Excellent service delivery and the welfare of our candidates are top priorities that ensure we place the most appropriate candidates and meet our clients’ requirements. We provide support to our clients and candidates throughout the recruitment and employment journey. This is achieved by our ‘Welfare Programme’ and a dedicated legal team who are on call 24/7.

We understand the workforce challenges faced by our clients and we have designed bespoke recruiting solutions to suit our clients’ needs no matter where or how they are operating.

We are confident we can ethically source and supply the best prepared most suitable manpower for our clients.  Our recruitment process, training and preparation can ensure that candidates will only require specialist induction and local familiarisation training. This approach should reduce ‘down-time’ and candidate failure and maximise value for both client operations and candidates.


We have the resources, knowledge and experience necessary for recruiting Filipinos. Our offices facilities are comfortable and well located to provide ease of access to applicants and visiting clients.  We have an extensive database and a large global network to ensure that we are able to source the best candidates.

We have classroom facilities for training and access to outside training facilities for specialist training. Our in-house training ensures only appropriately skilled staff are mobilised for contracts and employment.


Mobilisation and Documentation

Through our network of government agencies and Philippine embassies we are able to assist our applicants with all necessary documentation for employment and travel.

We manage the deployment of more than 18,000 contact staff every year and are well versed in ensuring the validity of all necessary documentation.

We are a 'no fee' charging agency

We charge no candidate fees for placement nor require bonds or any other form of payment in connection with a permanent or contract placement.

As part of CF Sharp Group, one of the largest international recruitment groups based in the Philippines, we are able to offer unique value and advantages throughout the recruitment process which afford significant benefits to our employer clients.

Innovative Solutions

Our  knowledge of our clients’ business and operating environment combined with our extensive experience recruiting in the Philippines has enabled us to design bespoke solutions tailored to overcome these challenges.

Our solutions and recruiting approach are innovative because they uniquely focus on improving both the client and candidate experience.

Understanding and Experience

We are one of the top three recruitment agencies in the Philippines and have been trading for over 75 years.

We have over 10,000 deployed staff at any one time and typically we manage more than 1,500  2- 6 months contract staff deployments per month and around 18,000 per year.

Our recruiting knowledge combined with our experienced international management team and their understanding of our clients’ business and operations has enabled us to take a fresh approach to developing unique recruitment services creating unique value for employers and candidates.

Values and Ethics

We treat people with respect and dignity. Our business is relationship driven and our family values drive our culture of quality.

Our standards and operating principles reflect our own beliefs and values as well as our clients’ values and the international standards and ethical behaviours for overseas foreign workers.

Social Responsibility

We value the positive impact we are able to generate for our key stakeholders; our clients and our candidates. These impacts often create a ‘ripple effect’ of economic value which radiates far beyond the immediate benefit realised by our stakeholders.

We recognise the importance and value that overseas work opportunities bring to the Philippines both in term of direct benefits to workers and indirect opportunities this creates for many families and businesses.

We are proud to be in a position to make a difference for the better in all the countries we operate.

Teamwork and Communications

Teamwork is at the centre of our operating culture, and cooperation and coordination between our Filipino and international organisation is essential to the success of our company.

We believe that we have created a unique service offering in the Philippines manpower market. By combining the experience and resources of CF Sharp with an international team experienced in managing large workforce projects in international markets for some of the worlds largest firms.

We can create unique value and generate the most positive impacts for our clients and candidates.