Miguel Rocha

Co-Founder, Owner and President, Sharp BH Global Manpower, President CF Sharp Crew Management

Over 20 years of experience in managing a sea based recruitment agency that is consistently ranked amongst the TOP 5 Agencies of the Philippines.  Specializing in hotel and general recruitment for placements on board vessels around the globe.

Colin Pettifer

Co-Founder and Owner, Sharp BH Global Manpower

20 years in senior corporate roles managing a wide range of businesses & projects. He has overseen the recruitment, training and management of manpower intensive projects in SE Asia, Mongolia, Africa, Middle East – Iraq, Kurdistan, KSA, UAE, Afghanistan. Colin served 9 years as a British Army Officer and holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management.

Teresa Pettifer

CEO and Owner, Sharp BH Global Manpower

Over 15 years of front line healthcare experience as a Senior Nurse in the largest UK NHS Trust hospitals. Managed and advised recruitment of nurses from UK and Philippines. Overseen staffing levels including the tasking and management of agency staff. Holds a Baccalaureate degree in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse in UK.  Teresa is a co-founder of Britannia Healthcare and Sharp BH.

Carmela Magpantay

DIrector, Sharp BH Global Manpower

9 years experience in recruitment and overseas deployment of manpower as legal council. Specialist in all aspects of recruitment and deployment of Overseas Foreign Worker manpower.

Noel Ahing

Finance Director Sharp BH Global Manpower

Over 17 years in experience in the recruiting sector (Land and Sea-based accounting).

Claus G Bauer

President Sharp BH Canada Inc.

Claus is a passionate, altruistic businessman and successful entrepreneur having started his first of 5 successful companies at the age of 22.  He has since founded over 3 NGO’s developing charitable programs spanning 3 continents.  He lived in the Philippines for 15 years gaining a unique perspective into the medical recruitment sector inspiring Sharp BH Canada. Claus has had articles written about his philanthropic activities in the Vancouver Province and over 7 International newspapers.

Dave Moretto

CEO Sharp BH Canada Inc.

Dave is an accomplished entrepreneur 30+ years of experience specializing in planning and implementing effective management strategies that drive day-to-day operations and partnership development. He has successfully acquired, developed, and optimized businesses for profitability. David has worked with companies of all sizes. He is driven by a passion to help businesses succeed by assisting partners and clients to achieve financial objectives and sustainable growth.