We create direct relationships with our clients eliminating nonessential third parties and brokers to reduce unwarranted costs as well as simplifying the recruitment process.

Sharp BH Global Manpower Services is the newest addition to CF Sharp Group which was established in 1937 and has become a global leader in the shipping sector spearheading the Filipino manpower sector.

The company and subsidiaries have offices in Manila, Singapore and Fleet near London.

The group combines the recruiting expertise, brand and leadership of CF Sharp group in the Philippines, with an international management team experienced in recruiting, training, mobilising and managing large international manpower intensive projects and businesses.

We have a highly successful track record recruiting overseas candidates and managing contracted staff, currently we have more than 10,000 workers deployed on contract and we manage more than 1,500 international deployments per month. This capability and experience gives us an advantage and provides our clients with an assurance and confidence in our ability to deliver.

We believe we have the drive, commitment and passion to become a trusted partner and we are confident we have the knowledge and capability to support our clients with their overseas recruitment and manpower requirements.

We operate to the highest moral standards strictly adhering to the principles of ethical recruitment compliant with the POEA regulations of the Philippine government, international codes of conduct for the recruitment of overseas foreign workers and respecting the legal and regulatory requirements of those countries where we operate.

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Our Purpose

To supply quality well trained personnel to assist clients with their short and long term manpower needs. Read More


Our Approach

Our innovative approach is aimed at simplifying the recruitment process and providing access to a quality well trained workforce Read More


People and Values

Our people make us different, we are committed to supporting our clients to ensure service excellence and value. More

Why Us?

We differentiate ourselves by offering a wide-range of deployable skill sets and workforce teams led by a management team with experience recruiting Filipinos for all global regions. Read More

Executive Team

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