We deliver excellent uncomplicated recruitment from the Philippines


Our exceptional service and capability guarantee our clients ‘best in class’ recruitment delivery


Our pro-active International Management Team ‘speaks your language’ ensuring easy effective collaboration


We’re part of the most successful Filipino manpower group, deploying on average 2000 workers per month


We’re committed to deliver an uncomplicated efficient and cost-effective service for our clients

SBH Global Manpower is a specialist Filipino recruitment company supplying international clients with high quality, well trained Filipino workers for short and long-term employment.

We are dedicated to deliver a superior service. We achieve this by understanding our clients’ requirements and overcoming challenges to ensure the best outcomes for clients and candidates.

We’re part of a recruitment firm with over three quarters of a century of experience which is constantly ranked at the top of manpower agencies in the Philippines. We are well equipped to serve you.

We are honoured to serve our clients and be able to create life-changing opportunities for Filipinos.

Featured Service

UK 'Ready to Roll' Nurses

Our ‘Ready to Roll Nurses’ programme allows us to offer NMC-ready nurses within 60 days of job offer, guaranteeing circa. 100% conversion rate - job offer to employee.

The primary goal of our unique solution is to resolve the major issues faced by UK employers that inhibit the effective timely recruitment of nurses from the Philippines.

Our approach is a ‘Game Changer’

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What we do for clients

CF Sharp Group has consistently managed the recruitment, administration and payroll for thousands of skilled workers every year. The company currently has more than 10,000 workers deployed on contract, it manages more than 1,500 international deployments per month and 18,000 per year. Read more.

What we do for applicants

We provide a wide range of employment opportunities in all sectors around the world including healthcare, facilities management, hospitality, retail, logistics and freight forwarding, security, oil and gas, administration, construction and engineering. Read more.

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We are now running IELTS review courses at our Manila office

Our IELTS programme is designed to suit applicants of differing abilities. It assesses English language ability at the outset in order to enable students to be streamed into bespoke training courses designed to address their specific weaknesses.  Contact us to learn more or register for a course.

Sharp BH opens for business!

Sharp BH Global Manpower Services opened for business in May 2016 and received its POEA licence in April 2017.  We are now working with clients in UK, USA, UAE, Qatar, Japan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia on job positions.  Check out our current listings on this website and workabroad.ph

We will shortly be advertising for Security Guard Positions in the UAE for permanent employment positions with one of Dubai’s biggest employers of OFWs.

Britannia Healthcare prepares for nursing recruitment drive in the UK

Britannia Healthcare is a specialist manpower and recruitment company based in the UK.  The company is focussed on recruiting overseas healthcare workers for UK and international employers.

Britannia Healthcare has an ongoing contract and commitment to provide temporary agency and permanent contract nurses and healthcare professionals to the UKs National Health Service (NHS).

The company is part of the CF Sharp Group family and is working with Sharp BH Global Manpower Services to develop some innovative services that significantly reduce recruitment costs and lead-time for UK employers.

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تحميل نشرتنا معلومات الشركة

Interest in working as a registered nurse in the UK?

We are the only company with the capacity to have a direct relationship in the UK with our clients via our sister company Britannia Healthcare Ltd.  Britannia Healthcare facilitates the connection of Filipino nurses and healthcare workers directly with UK employers and provides support throughout the recruitment process and afterwards. All recruitment is managed and handled by Sharp BH Global Manpower Services in the Philippines.

Read about permanent and contract UK nursing employment options here.

Our latest Sharp BH Global company presentation

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